Many people choose to sell their homes without assistance and are quite successful. However, a great deal of time needs to be invested in selling your own home. If you just put a sign in your front yard you will need to stay close to home for days, weeks, maybe months until your house is sold. Are you prepared to invest in advertising space? Advertising can get quite pricey if you need to list your home for a few months because the initial response is low. Even if you get a high response, you may not know all the answers to the potential buyer's concerns. What about the legal and financial side of the sale? How can you be sure that you are even getting the best price for your home?

Your Real Estate Agent will:

Assist with comparative market research on your home and get you the best possible price.

Advertise your home in the Real Estate Agent's Multiple Listing Service.

Screen potential buyers.

Show your home to potential buyers and answer their questions - you don't have to be there.

Present all offers and negotiate the best sale price.

Work with the buyer's agent to complete the transaction.

Facilitate the closing process.

The Ideal Agent: - Most people don't know what to look for in an agent. Here are a few pointers on finding the agent that is right for you.

Look for an agent who's expertise suites your needs. If you need extra personal attention then make sure your agent can give it to you. If price is important, make sure your agent is an excellent negotiator.

Your agent should always be professional and helpful. Make sure that your agent communicates everything clearly and concisely so that you understand the process. Remember, your agent will be dealing with the buyers and most likely their agent as well. You want him/her to be able to communicate professionally with them and represent you and your needs effectively.

Market knowledge is one of the most important features to look for in an agent. Make sure that they are familiar with your area and that they have a good sense of what houses are worth in your neighborhood. If you are concerned, do your own research on your home's value and compare it to your agents data.

Ask your agent for several references. Call a few and ask questions about the things that are concerning you. You may want to find out how long the house was on the market, if they were satisfied with his/her services, what, if any, obstacles had to be tackled, etc. ...