Who We Are...

Welcome to the information page of our web site.

M. Newhouse Realty was started 19 years ago. We sold mostly condo's & co-op's . After a few years we went into real estate management. The buildings that we managed were mostly in New York City. In 1996 we launched a new division which we then incorporated and now call M. Newhouse Realty, Inc. This new division's primary focus was on local residential real estate in Rockland County. Since then we have expanded into commercial and industrial real estate. Within a short period of time we've accumulated over 12 agents (Salespersons).

"Buyer's" Our specialty is listening to our customers. We won't just show you homes for the sake of showing. We treat each person as an individual, respecting their own unique ideas of what they want in a home. Most of our customers have bought homes through us within 2-4 showings.

"Sellers" When it comes to selling your home, it's not more important to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to know. We will not tell you your house is worth $xyz when in fact it is worth much less, just so we can make you, the seller happy and get the listing. Honesty is our policy. At the same time we understand that in some (most) cases there is an element of delicacy that has to be understood. We at M. Newhouse Realty, Inc. understand that and we are sensitive to your needs. Furthermore, we work for your best interest. For example, if another broker finds a customer for your house, we not only cooperate, we also go the extra mile to make the sale.

We invite you, the seller to try out our free CMA program.